The Payne Institute is honoured to welcome leading thinkers in energy, natural resources, and the environment. 

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Brian Efird, Senior Research Fellow and Program Director, Policy and Decision Science, KAPSARC

Nicolas Maennling, Lead Economics and Policy Researcher, Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment

Eirik Waerness, Senior Vice President and Chief Economist, Equinor

Kelly Sims Gallagher, Energy and Environmental Professor, The Fletcher School, Tufts University

Edward Barbier, Professor of Economics, Colorado State University



  • We hosted the Denver Energy Dialogues. August 23, 2018
  • We hosted Israeli scientists and policymakers on a State Department’s International Visitor Leadership Program. 


2018 Seminar Archive

    • “Power System Planning and Markets” November 30

Presented by Ben Hobbs, Johns Hopkins


    • “Energy Systems Integration” November 26

Presented by Mark O’Malley, Senior Research Fellow, and Chief Scientist of Energy Systems Integration, NREL
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    • “Panel Discussion: Pueblo’s Renewable Energy Transition” November 13

Presented by Kathleen Staks, Executive Director, Colorado Energy Office


    • “Copper’s Role in the Energy Transition” November 7

Presented by Andrea J. Vaccari, Director Health, Environment and Sustainable Development, International Copper Association
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    • “United States Diplomacy and the Challenges Ahead” November 6

Presented by Ambassador Christopher Hill, University of Denver, Joseph Korbel School of International Studies


    • “Oil on the Water – A Look at Security Concerns Relating to Hydrocarbons Activity in the Maritime Domain” November 2

Presented by Dr. Ian M. Ralby, I.R. Consilium


    • “”Does Half A Degree of Global Warming Matter?” October 29

Presented by Brian O’Neill, University of Denver, Joseph Korbel School of International Studies
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    • “The Emerging Economic, Environmental, and Geopolitical Implications of Changing U.S. Energy Trade” October 18

Presented by Alex Gilbert, SparkLibrary
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    • “Getting Published in a Leading Journal: Perspectives of Authors, Editors, and Publishers” October 8

Presented by Adam Fraser, Elsevier
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    • “Leading the Energy Transition” October 1

Presented by Amory Lovins, Rocky Mountain Institute
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View slide deck part 2 


    • “Energy in Africa” September 17

Presented by Todd Moss, Center for Global Development


    • “The Oil-Climate Index” September 13

Presented by Deborah Gordon, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
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    • “The Role of Natural Gas in the Energy Transition” August 22

Presented by Arvind Ravikumar, Stanford University
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    • “RETScreen software and energy investment decisionmaking” May 16

Presented by Gregory Leng, Natural Resources Canada
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  • “Weather-Informed Energy Systems Utilizing the WIS:dom Optimization Model” May 3
    Presented by Christopher Clack, CEO, Vibrant Clean Energy, LLC
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  • “Ways of Price Making and the Problem of Markets in the U.S. Natural Gas Industry” April 26
    Presented by William Boyd, professor of law at University of Colorado Law School
    Director of the Laboratory for Energy and Environmental Policy innovation
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  • “Climate Change and Inland Flood Risk in the Continental United States” April 17
    Presented by Cameron Wobus, principal scientist, Abt Associates
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  • “Fires, Flares, Boats, and Lights – Data Gems From a NOAA Weather Satellite” April 11
    Presented by Christopher D. Elvidge, PhD
    NOAA‐NESDIS‐NCEI Earth Observation Group
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  • “Vulnerability of the U.S. Electricity Grid to Climate and Water” April 5
    Presented by Jordan Macknick, Energy – Water – Land Lead Analyst
    National Renewable Energy Laboratory
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  • “Colorado’s Electric Sector” April 3
    Presented by Mark D. Safty, Wirth Chair in Sustainable Development
    School of Public Affairs, University of Colorado, Denver
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  • “Energy in Colorado” March 22
    Presented by Andy Spielman, partner, co-partner-in-charge, Denver office
    Chair, Energy, Environment and Natural Resources Practice at WilmerHale
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  • “Global Manufacturing and Trade of Renewable Energy Technologies” March 20
    Presented by Jill Engel-Cox, director, Clean Energy Manufacturing Analysis Center
    Deputy director, Joint Institute for Strategic Energy Analysis, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
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  • “Lessons from Australia on Clean Energy Opportunities and Challenges for Electricity Grids, Large and Small” March 1
    Presented by Iain MacGill, associate professor, School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications, UNSW Australia
    Joint director (engineering) UNSW Centre for Energy and Environmental Markets
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