William J. Nuttall
Professor of Energy, The Open University

William J. Nuttall is professor of energy having joined The Open University in October 2012. Much of his work has focused on technology and policy issues of energy. He has had a leading role in studies devoted to particular energy-related materials including plutonium, helium, uranium, thorium and hydrogen and much of that work is on-going.

He has extensive experience of matters relating to civil nuclear energy. Nuttall’s career started in experimental physics and this technical background informs his interest in energy and technology issues. Beyond energy he has written on matters of industrial policy and, reflecting his physics background, he maintains an active interest in applied complexity science, including spatial agent-based simulation, particularly of energy-related problems. Nuttall’s research techniques have also included system dynamics especially as applied to problems in resource depletion.

Professor Nuttall is chair of the management committee of OU Energy.