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Utilizing cutting edge satellite technology and data to inform stakeholders on issues related to oil and gas, power outages, forest fires, and fishing.

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The Earth Observation Group (EOG) specializes in nighttime observations of lights and combustion sources worldwide. The group started working with Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP) data in 1994 and has produced a time series of annual cloud-free composites of nighttime lights. EOG’s current focus is on deriving products from nighttime Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) data.

Wildfires Threaten Largest Tree in the World

By Elijah Mt. Castle Multiple wildfires in Sequoia National Park have burned a total of 43,375 acres. The park is home to the world's largest tree by volume, the General Sherman Tree. Sequoia trees are the largest species of trees by volume and can live to be over...

Large Wildfires in California

By Elijah Mt. Castle California has experienced several large wildfires over the month of August. The Dixie fire has been burning since July 13th and has grown over 910,000 acres. The Caldor fire started August 14th and has grown to over 216,000 acres. The River...

Power Outage in New Orleans

By Feng Chi (David), Hsu

Bootleg Fire – Largest Active Fire in US

By Elijah Mt. Castle The Bootleg fire in Oregon is the largest active fire in the United States. The fire started on July 6th and has burned 232,763 acres since it started. The fire has destroyed 21 homes and 54 other structures and is threatening 1,900 others....

California Fire Season Begins

By Elijah Mt. Castle The Willow Fire in the Big Sur region of California is 19% contained. The fire started in Los Padres National Forest and has caused a closure of the area. The Forest Service has put a $5,000 fine and/or six months jail time on anyone who attempts...



Global Gas Flare Observed From Space

With VIIRS Nightfire (VNF), EOG continues to monitor each and every single one gas flares around the world. Annual summary of global gas flare activities is also compiled. Learn more

Looking for older dataset produced with DMSP? Learn more

VIIRS Lumen Watch

A quick and comprehensive way to monitor an area of interest with Nighttime Light. Especially useful to monitor the trend and incidents of power supply. See our demo for Rohingya Refugee Camp near the border of Bangladesh and Myanmar. Demo





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