Karen Lechtenberg
Director of Geoscience, Carbon America

Karen Lechtenberg serves as the Director of Geoscience at Carbon America, a leading Carbon Capture and Sequestration company based in Colorado. With a decade of experience in drilling operations and reservoir characterization, she brings a comprehensive and versatile skill set to the subsurface team.

In her role at Carbon America, Lechtenberg has been instrumental in designing and leading a multidisciplinary team for the execution of stratigraphic science well programs. Her expertise extends to the integration of collected data into 3D geocellular models and injection simulations, ensuring compliance with EPA Class VI requirements. Notable achievements include her role in Carbon America’s first stratigraphic well, submitting the inaugural Class VI permit in EPA Region 8 and Colorado, and securing a $32.6 Million CarbonSAFE grant in collaboration with Colorado School of Mines and Los Alamos National Lab.

Lechtenberg holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in Geology from the University of Kansas. Her academic specialization lies in carbonate sequence stratigraphy, notably highlighted by her research on the Build-and-Fill Geometries of the Lower Ismay (Pennsylvanian) Carbonates in the Paradox Basin, Utah, USA.