Power Outage in Florida caused by Hurricane Ian

Florida Power Outage

Florida Power Outage

by Tilottama Ghosh

Red Band: JPSS NPP VIIRS DNB February 2022 monthly cloud free composite

Green Band: JPSS NPP VIIRS DNB visible band

Blue Band: JPSS NPP VIIRS DNB inverted M15 thermal band

The areas of power outage are shown in red, normal power supply in yellow, and the clouds and terrain are shown in blue.

Hurricane Ian made landfall in Florida on the southwest coast in the island of Cayo Costa near Fort Myers and Cape Coral on September 28th at about 3:15 pm local time as a Category 4 Hurricane. It caused immense damage to life and property. On September 30th, 1.8 million people were still without power (https://www.axios.com/2022/09/28/hurricane-ian-florida-power-outage). The RGB (Red-Green-Blue) image on the right shows the power outage in red as of September 30th. The path of Hurricane Ian has been retraced from the ‘Zoom Earth’ Image of NOAA/NESDIS/STAR (https://zoom.earth/storms/ian-2022/). The RGB image of on the right is of August 18th and shows the power supply during normal times.

October 5, 2022