Valérie Marcel
Associate Fellow, Chatham House; Project Lead, New Producers Group

Dr. Valérie Marcel is an associate fellow at Chatham House and project lead for the New Producers Group, a South-South knowledge-sharing network of 31 emerging oil and gas producer countries. She is an established expert on national oil companies, petroleum-sector governance and emerging strategic issues shaping the energy sector.

She is the author of Oil Titans: National Oil Companies in the Middle East (Chatham House/Brookings, 2006). Recent publications include “The Cost of An Emerging National Oil Company”, the most read Chatham House paper in 2016, with 41,000 downloads. She advises governments in sub-Saharan Africa, the Eastern Mediterranean, South America and the Caribbean on petroleum sector policy and governance.

Marcel is passionate about designing projects in which producer countries drive the agenda and delivery. She is a member of Columbia University’s Executive Session on the Politics of Extractives. She was a member of KPMG’s advisory team for energy-sector governance and the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on the Future of Oil and Gas. She previously led energy research at Chatham House and taught international relations at the Institut d’études politiques (Sciences Po), Paris, and at Cairo University.