Marcelino Madrigal Martinez
Commissioner, Mexican Energy Regulatory Commission

Dr. Marcelino Madrigal Martinez is a commissioner at the Mexican Energy Regulatory Commission. Before being named a commissioner by the Mexican Senate, Madrigal was a senior energy specialist at the central energy unit of the Sustainable Development Vice-presidency at the World Bank. He specialized in the technical and economic operations and planning of power systems and electricity markets. Prior to joining the bank in 2008, he worked for the Inter-American Development Bank in the areas of electricity transmission, distribution, and regional energy (electricity and gas) integration and market design projects. Among the titles he had include deputy general director of Electrical Restructuring also at CRE, and chief of staff of the undersecretary of energy of the Mexican Federal Government. Madrigal graduated from the Morelia Technology Institute and received the degrees of Master of Science and PhD by the University of Waterloo, Canada. He has received several awards, among them, the Outstanding Young Power Engineering Award by the IEEE Power and Energy Society in 2006.