Greer Gosnell
Senior Environmental Economist, Rethink Priorities, Payne Institute Fellow, Affiliate Faculty in Division of Economics and Business, Colorado School of Mine​s

Dr. Greer Gosnell is an experimental, behavioral, and environmental economist whose research reveals cost-effective climate change mitigation strategies at the microeconomic level. In her academic research, Greer uses field and online experiments to identify behavioral catalysts and technological innovations to facilitate the sustainable energy transition in both the developed and developing world, placing microeconomic actors such as households and firms at the center of the energy transition. Her research with Rethink Priorities sheds light on high-impact climate change mitigation strategies to inform policymakers and major foundations about how best to address climate change.

As an AXA Research Fellow at the Grantham Research Institute from 2018-2020, she conducted several large-scale field experiments on household adoption decisions that contribute toward catalyzing a fair and sustainable energy transition. Specifically, her research has examined drivers and barriers to household-level smart meter adoption, IoT-enabled energy demand response solutions, and mechanisms for promoting widespread adoption of renewable energy plans. Previous to her Fellowship, she received her PhD from the London School of Economics in Environmental Economics, for which she designed and implemented the first field experiment on captains’ fuel efficiency in the airline industry with Virgin Atlantic Airways.