The Payne Institute’s team is comprised of experts from around the world who are leaders in a variety of earth resources, energy, and environment issues.

Morgan D. Bazilian is the Director of the Payne Institute for Public Policy and a Professor of Public Policy at the Colorado School of Mines.

Our dedicated Experts and Staff run the day-to-day operations of the Payne Institute, and manage its research outputs, training, and public engagement activities.

Our Advisory Board brings with it an enormous experience from government, private sector, and academia. Their advice and guidance is fundamental to the success of the Payne Institute.

Our Fellows bring a wealth of insights to the work of the Payne Institute. Together, they comprise one of the finest set of energy, environment, and natural resources experts in the world.

For media or interview inquiries for the Payne Institute Director Morgan Bazilian or any other of the Payne Institute leadership, please contact Greg Clough at (303)384-2218 or gclough@mines.edu.