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2022-03-02, “Satellite imagery shows Ukraine going dark“, CNN

2019-11-19, “Earth Observation Group wins Galileo Award from International Dark-Sky Association“, Mines News

2019-06-15, “Editorial: Dark skies brighten the world“, Daily Camera

2019-05-17, “Monitoring hack shines a light on fishing boats operating under cover of dark“, Mongabay, Basten Gokkon

2019-2-26, “Early Edition: Environment group uses satellite images to monitor illegal fishing hotspots“, ABS-CNB News

2018-11-15, “Using big data and artificial intelligence to accelerate global development“, Brookings, Elizabeth Salich

2018-8-13, “How Space Weather Can Cause Issues with Tropical Weather“, WeatherNation

2018-6-28, “Close encounters of the fishy kind“, EurekAlert!, Global Fishing Watch

2018-6-16, “Bright lights revear the ‘dark’ fleet“, EurekAlert!, Global Fishing Watch

2018-5-15, “One planet: Digital globe illustrates Earth’s systems in revolutionary way“, Missoulian, Lucy Tompkins

2017-12-7, “NOAA satellite data illuminate oil production trends in Iraq and Syria“,, University of Colorado at Boulder

2017-12-5, “Light Pollution Is Stealing the Night“, HowStuffWorks, Patrick J. Kiger

2017-11-22, “Imminent ‘Loss of Night’ Will Disrupt the Entire Planet, Warn Scientists“, Inverse, Yasmin Tayag

2017-11-22, “By saving cost and energy, the lighting revolution may increase light pollution“, EurekAlert!, GFZ Geoforschungszentrum Potsdam

2017-4-21, “NYC Conciilman Seeks To Curb Light Pollution By Requiring Guards On Streetlights“, Gothamist, Nathan Tempey

2017-3-21, “Can our grid withstand a solar storm?“, Huffpost, Jesse Woodroffe and Michael Rivera

2016-10-7, “Chinese aid is helping African economics, but not in the places that need it most“, The Washington Post, Bradley Parks and others

2016-6-21, “Inside the Pentagon’s secretive preparations for a ‘cyber 9/11’“, MilitatyTimes, Andrew Tilghman

2016-6-20, “Boulder scientists contribute to global light pollution atlas“, Daily Camera, Carah Wertheimer

 2016-6-13, “Light pollution hides the Milky Way from a third of all human“, CNet, Michelle Starr

2016-6-13, “Gorgeous Photos of Earth and the Night Sky: TWAN Photo Contest Winners Announced“, Universe Today

2016-6-10, “The Milky Way Is Now Invisible to One Third of Humanity“, Motherboard

2016-5-3, “U.S. Has More Gas Flares than Any Country“, Scientific American, Bobby Magill

2014-10-22, “No, This Is Not a Photo of India on Diwali“, Universe Today, Jason Major

2014-10-3, “15 mind-blowing images of planet Earth“, The Washington Post, Matt McFarland


2012-12-5, “Satellite Helps Provide New High-Resolution Night Images Of Earth“, Red Orbit, Lee Rannals

2012-12-5, “NASA Dazzles With ‘Black Marble’ Image of Earth at Night“, Climate Central, Andrew Freedman

2012-12-5, “‘Black Marble’: Earth at Night“, ABCNews, Clayton Sandell

2012-12-5, “Earth at Night: Big Pics“, Discovery, LARRY O’HANLON

2012-12-5, “New HD View of Earth at Night“, National Geographic

2012-12-5, “View from space: Earth at night with no clouds“, EarthSky, Deborah Byrd

2012-12-5, “Earth at Night“, The Wall Street Journal, Taylor Umlauf

2012-12-5, “A Fresh Look at the Not-So-Dark Side of Earth“, The New York Times/The Opinion Pages, ANDREW C. REVKIN

2012-12-5, “Bask in Earth’s nighttime glow as seen from space“, CNET, Christopher MacManus

2012-12-5, “SUOMI SATELLITE REVEALS EARTH’S DARK SIDE“, University of Wisconsin-Madison News, William Straka

2012-12-5, “Satellites unveil Black Marble and spy on the moon“, Washington Post, Jason Samenow

2012-12-5, “Boulder NOAA scientist: Night imagery shows lively planet“, Boulder Daily Camera, Charlie Brennan

2012-12-5, “See stunning new photos of Earth“, CNN

2009-11, “Gas turbine response to global flare gas problem“, Gas Turbine World, Junior Isles

2009-9-21, “Illuminating Dark Economies“, SEED, Lee Billings

2008-12-31, “A Novel Approach toAssessing Human Impact on the Environment“, Earthzine, C. Aubrecht, C.D. Elvidge, D. Ziskin, T. Longcore, and C. Rich

2008-11-21, “Humans and light pollution blamed as fireflies disappear“, The Boston Globe – International Herald Tribune, Seth Mydans

2008-11, “Our Vanishing Night“, National Geographic, Verlyn Klinkenborg

2008-9-30, “Night satellite pictures show limits of development“, The Frederick News-Post, Justin M. Palk

2008-2-25, “Bright Lights at Night, Perhaps Not Such a Delight“, The New York Times, Jennifer 8 Lee

2007-12, “Bright Lights, Big Cities“, The Atlantic, Matthew Quirk

2007-6-21, “Russia top offender in gas-flare emissions (US study uses satellite images for findings)“, The Boston Globe, John Donnelly

2003-1-16, “Lights Cloud the Night Sky “, The New York Times, Alex Kuczynski

2002-1-13, “Reclaiming the Night Sky”, Boulder Daily Camera, Joan Lowy

2001-2, “Eyes in the sky: Satellites aid stock assessments”, Seafood Business, Lisa Duchene