The California fire season is well underway. The Creek Fire has been burning since September 4th. The fire is now the largest single fire in California history. Over 900 structures have been damaged or destroyed and the fire has caused 45,000 people to be evacuated from surrounding areas. As of October 30th, the fire has burned 379,571 acres and is currently 70% contained. Due to weather conditions and the rugged terrain in the Sierra National Forest where the fire has spread to, the expected containment date of the fire has been pushed back from the original date, October 31st, to November 15th. Fire crews have to be airlifted into the park since it is so remote. Additional fire crews have been called in from around the country to assist with the fire, including a team from Alaska. Federal aid is being offered to victims of the fire. Pictured are the VNF detections for the fire in Sierra National Forest for Oct 29th – Nov 1st.