Anak Krakatau volcano erupts in Indonesia April 10th 2020. The volcano has been known to cause deadly eruptions. In 2008 the volcano‘s eruption caused a massive tsunami that devastated neighboring islands, killing 437 people. This eruption was not as severe as no casualties were reported. The volcano initally erupted at 9:58 P.M. and lasted for one minute and twelve seconds. A second eruption occurred at 10:35 P.M. and lasted for 38 minutes. The second eruption generated a smoke plume 1,640 feet high. Anak Krakatau translates to “Child of Krakatoa”, a volcano that originally stood in the same spot whose massive explosion in 1883 caused 36,000 deaths and caused a period of global cooling from the ash cloud. Pictured are the VIIRS detections for April 10-11 2020. The hottest point was 1055 K (1439 deg. F).