Francesco Fuso-Nerini
Assistant Professor, Division of Energy Systems Analysis,
Royal Institute of Technology

Francesco Fuso-Nerini works as assistant professor at the Division of Energy Systems Analysis of the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden (KTH-dESA). His research interests include the analysis of energy systems for policy support in all countries, and the study of inter-relations among Sustainable Development Goals.

Before joining KTH-dESA, Fuso-Nerini worked and/or studied in 12 institutions located in eight different countries, spanning from academia to national and international organizations. He holds a PhD in energy systems analysis from KTH, with a dissertation focusing on tools to support energy access policies, and three MS degrees in Environmental and Sustainable Energy Engineering (from Politecnico Di Milano, Italy; UPC, Spain; and KTH, Sweden). Moreover, Fuso-Nerini has post-doctoral experience from the UCL-Energy Institute at University College London and from the World Energy Outlook team at the International Energy Agency. Fuso-Nerini also worked at the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and the Environment and as guest researcher both in Australia (Melbourne Energy Institute of Melbourne University) and Brazil (Federal University of Pará).