Training Clinical And Public Health Leaders In Climate And Health

Payne Institute Fellow Dr. Jay Lemery, John Balbus, Cecilia Sorensen, Caitlin Rublee, Caleb Dresser, Satchit Balsari, and Emile Calvello Hynes write a commentary article on the effects of climate change that are accelerating and undermining human health and well-being in many different ways. There is no doubt that the health care sector will need to adapt, and although it has begun to develop more targeted strategies to address climate-related challenges, a broad knowledge gap persists. There is a critical need to develop and cultivate new knowledge and skill sets among health professionals, including those in public health, environmental science, policy, and communication roles. This article describes specific initiatives to train future leaders to be proficient in understanding the linkages between climate change and health.  December 7, 2020.