Subpixel Analysis of Primary and Secondary Infrared Emitters with Nighttime VIIRS Data

Payne Institute Earth Observation Group Senior Research Associate Christopher D. Elvidge, Research Associates Mikhail Zhizhin, Feng-Chi Hsu, Tamara Sparks, and Tilottama Ghosh write a paper on the research of the subpixel analysis of two temperature phases present in fire pixels detected in nighttime VIIRS data. Here, they present the flaming subtractive method, with which they have successfully derived temperatures and source areas for two infrared (IR) emitters and a cooler background. This is developed as an add-on to the existing VIIRS nightfire algorithm version 3 (VNF v.3) which uses Planck curve fitting to calculate temperatures and source areas for a single IR emitter and background. November 7, 2021.