Will Blyth
Director, Oxford Energy Associates

Will Blyth has worked for 20 years in the field of modelling and analysis of energy security and climate change policy. His work focuses on the role of policy on investment decision-making and risk, and how to deliver secure energy supplies within a context of transition to a low-carbon economy.

Blyth is currently an associate fellow of Chatham House where he has worked on a number of projects relating to energy and climate policy both in developed and emerging market contexts.

He is also a visiting research fellow of London Business School where he has worked with Prof. Derek Bunn focusing on decision-making under uncertainty.

Until October 2004, Blyth was working at the International Energy Agency in Paris where he carried out policy analysis for the IEA committee responsible for energy and climate change policy issues, as well as the Annex I Experts Group, a committee of international climate negotiators. During his time at the IEA, Blyth wrote several papers on issues ranging from green investment schemes, linking of emissions trading schemes and a framework for assessing interactions between climate change policies and energy security policies. In addition, he contributed to the expert in-depth review of Sweden’s energy policy, as well as the UNFCCC’s review of the third national communication of the EU.

Prior to joining the IEA, Blyth worked for a short period at the European Environment Agency where he worked as Project Manager on Energy and Environment. Prior to that he worked for more than eight years at one of Europe’s largest environmental consultancies – AEA Technology where he worked with a wide range of companies helping them develop suitable response strategies to new climate change policies. Blyth has a DPhil in Physics from Oxford University.