W. Grover Coors, Ph.D.

Grover Coors is the great-grandson of Adolph Coors, the founder of the Adolph Coors Company established in 1873. The Coors Family enterprise has expanded far beyond just brewing, and now extends into many different international business sectors. Grover was actively involved in the family business prior to retirement in 2016, where he served as a technical advisor for emerging business opportunities. Grover has served in senior management positions in the family business over the years including, Chairman and CEO of MicroLithics Corp., Executive VP, Advanced Electronics Group at Coors Porcelain Company, Vice President of National Affairs, ACX Technologies, Inc., and Vice President and Chief Technical Officer of Protonetics International. Dr. Coors is actively involved in the research and development of various ionic ceramics for commercialization in energy-related technologies. He was the founder and the Chief Scientist for CoorsTek Membrane Sciences in Oslo, Norway, which is developing ceramic hydrogen separation membranes. Currently, Grover has a company called Hydrogen Helix, that is involved in developing a process for making distributed hydrogen from liquid and solid hydrocarbon fuels.

Dr. Grover Coors holds degrees in Electrical Engineering, Physics, and a Ph.D. in Materials Science. He has authored several articles and papers dealing with such diverse topics as ceramic electronic packaging and fuel cells, and has also authored several patents.

Coors, Grover CV