Rock Mechanics, Structural Analysis, Economic Development, Geology and Geological Engineering 

Philip S. ‘Flip’ Koch is a highly experienced, awarded, and passionate educator, education advocate, scientist, planner, problem solver, businessman, negotiator, leader, mentor, inventor, author, and volunteer.  He recently retired after nearly 34 years working with Exxon and ExxonMobil, where he held various technical, commercial, and leadership roles – all in the Upstream. In his ‘retirement’, Flip is on the faculty of CSM’s Department of Geology and Geological Engineering, and is a professional firefighter and emergency medical responder with Elk Creek Fire and Rescue.

Flip is an avid reader, researcher, writer, outdoorsman, and traveler, speaks several languages, and holds three degrees in the earth sciences from Harvard (AB) and UCLA (CPhil and PhD), as well as an MBA from the McCombs School of Business (University of Texas at Austin).  His areas of expertise include structural geology, field geology, potential-field theory and analysis, paleomagnetism, hydrocarbon-systems analysis, sub-surface fluid flow, rock mechanics, rheology, material science, strategy, decision analysis, negotiation, finance, and valuation (in every sense of the word ‘value’).