Gabe Stephens
Payne Institute Scholar Intern

Gabe Stephens is a graduate student in the MS Natural Resources and Energy Policy program at Colorado School of Mines. He received a BA in Economics and Environmental Studies from Western Colorado University in 2014, and a Graduate Certificate in Renewable and Sustainable Energy from the University of Colorado in 2018. Gabe’s academic areas of interest include energy transitions, renewable energy development in under-resourced communities, the energy/water nexus, renewable energy and storage supply chains, and emerging technologies. Between 2014 and 2018 he received technical training certificates in Renewable Energy Applications, International & Developing World Applications, and Battery-Based Photovoltaic Systems. Prior to his academic career, Gabe spent approximately fifteen years working in various construction and industrial occupations. In the last several years he has operated as a fabrication and construction contractor supporting unconventional resource and renewable energy applications including micro-hydroelectric, solar PV, alternative water pumping, small wind, multiple-feedstock pyrolysis, and water management infrastructure.