Benjamin Attia
Research Analyst, Wood Mackenzie

Benjamin Attia is a research analyst at Wood Mackenzie, a consultancy producing data analytics, market research, and advisory services across the energy sector. Attia covers downstream solar photovoltaics markets in Africa and the Middle East and global off-grid energy access markets. He has industry-recognized expertise in international renewable energy policy implementation frameworks, particularly in emerging economies, utility business models and community-based rural mini-grids.

Attia previously worked in solar asset management and commercial operations at SunEdison and on clean energy transition-focused regulatory research for utilities and policymakers at the National Regulatory Research Institute. He has published research on a wide variety of clean energy topics and has presented his research around the world. His expertise is regularly cited in leading clean energy industry news outlets and his writing has recently been featured by such publications as Foreign Affairs, IEEE Spectrum, and Greentech Media. He also advises energy access focused-startups in West Africa and Southeast Asia. Attia has a master’s degree in energy and environmental policy and a BS in economics, and energy and environmental policy from the Center for Energy and Environmental Policy at the University of Delaware.