Day 1 was held in the Student Center Ballroom E. It began with a guest lecture from one of the event attendees, Nicolas Maennling, on “The Renewable Power of the Mine”. Payne Institute Director, Morgan Bazilian, and Mines President, Paul C. Johnson introduced the event and welcomed all attendees. Session 1 was then held on impacts of the energy transition on minerals and metals.

The event had a large turnout of experts across the minerals and energy fields. Various companies and academic institutes from all over the world were represented by the attendees, including but not limited to The World Bank, USGS, IISD, MIT, NREL, and the US Department of State. We thank all attendees who joined the Payne Institute for this expert event. 

A reception was held for all attendees at the Colorado School of Mines Geology Museum following the conclusion of Day 1. At the reception, guests were able to enjoy the vast collection of minerals throughout the gallery, including the Elbaite on Albite piece shown above. Dinner and drinks were also available for guests as they networked and enjoyed the Colorado Scenery. 

Day 2 picked back up in the Korell Athletics Center Blaster Hospitality Room, beginning with a welcome from Institute Director, Morgan Bazilian, and overview of the day’s sessions. Five sessions were held over the course of Day 2, including: Change Demand, Mining and the Supply Side, Supply Chains and Risk, Markets and Policy, and Conflict and Security. Morgan then concluded the event by gathering input on a Research Agenda moving forward with the topics discussed. Lastly, Morgan gathered suggestions of valuable event discussion/topics to be included in the Mineral Foundations and the Energy Transition piece to come soon from the Payne Institute.