Exploring acute weather resilience: Meeting resilience and renewable goals

Colorado School of Mines and NREL Advanced Energy Systems PhD Candidate Madeline Macmillan, Caitlin A. Murphy (NREL), and Director Morgan Bazilian write about how the United States is affected by an average of almost seven severe weather events a year, often resulting in billions of dollars in physical and economic damages, a subset of which are related to grid outages. There is a need for power and energy system stakeholders to better understand and implement the strategies that help reduce net-economic and societal consequences associated with grid outages by improving the resilience of their systems.  This paper reviews qualitative definitions of resilience, quantitative approaches to resilience, recent examples of the inclusion of resilience in energy system models with respect to acute climatological threats, and the gaps in fully articulating resilience in current modeling tools. August 29, 2022.