Colorado oil and gas company aims to produce “cleanest molecules” anywhere

The Payne Institute Earth Observation Group continues our partnership with Project Canary with continuous monitoring of well sites, by collecting the data to provide an independent analysis of the information. Crestone Peak has teamed up with Project Canary to track emissions; however, environmentalists say regulations are still needed.  Amid escalating worries about climate change and pollution from oil and gas operations, Colorado’s largest electric utility is going to buy natural gas from a company that is continuously monitoring its emissions and working to certify its product as responsible. Xcel Energy said Wednesday that it will buy some of its gas for use in Colorado from Denver-based Crestone Peak Resources as part of a pilot project to show that it’s dedicated to delivering “a cleaner energy product.” Xcel was the first utility in the country to announce a goal of delivering carbon-free electricity.  May 13, 2021.