Tragedy strikes in Poland as nearly 10% of the country’s largest national park goes up in flames. As a result of one of the longest droughts in more than a decade, farmers near Biebrza National Park have been forced to burn crop fields and grasslands to increase soil fertility. During one of these routine burns, a fire got out of hand. The fast-moving blaze burst into Biebrza National Park decimating 6,000 hectares of vegetation. To make matters even worse the drought has resulted in the great wetland of the park becoming arid and vulnerable, increasing the likelihood of wildfire spread. On April 19th to 23rd, VIIRS Nightfire (VNF) recorded heat signatures from this event mapping the devastation within the area. Authorities are referring to this as nothing short of an ecologic disaster. In such trying times worldwide, news like this can not come lightly. It is as important as ever to be cautious in our actions and graceful in our care for the entirety of the world around us.

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